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May 19 2015 23:45 Changes in game settings

Changes have been made in game creation.
You may now select any combination of expansion set you want and play with these.
The BGO expansion now groups only the new leaders and wonders. Former changes to tactics and standard leaders have ... Read more

Mar 16 2015 21:09 Games lost

Due to a mistake during maintenance,all games that did not complete first turn have been lost.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Mar 1 2015 13:01 Site hacking

Site has been affected by some hacking attempt.
All names and emails were changed. I am in contact with the person who did this. I managed to recover all names but emails couldn't get recovered. Please edit your profile to update your email ... Read more

Sep 14 2011 17:04 War on last turn is immediatley resolved

Long time demand : On the last turn, where there is no possible sacrifice, the game paused although there was no other possible option than let it go.
It's been eventually changed to go immediatley to the war resolution and the next player's ... Read more

Sep 5 2011 09:48 Czech expansion set online

The Czech expansion set is now online with 4 new leaders and 4 new wonders.
As the Polish expansion, all new leaders and wonders are automatically chosen when you create a new game using this expansion set and the remaining leaders/wonders are ... Read more

Sep 1 2011 11:26 Password recovery available online

There is now a password recovery option that enables you to reset your password and get it without posting a request by email or on the forum.

Aug 3 2011 15:47 Polish Expansion released

The Polish Expansion set for Through the Ages is now available.
The 10 additional cards are added to the decks. 1 random leader and 1 random wonder of each age is removed AMONG THE STANDARD VERSION ONES. Therefore, the Polish leaders and Wonders ... Read more

Aug 1 2011 11:29 Complete restore

A complete restore of the database has been made this morning. All games are back to there position on Aug 1st @ 9am.
No "reset action phase" is possible to a situation prior to this restore.

Feb 4 2011 23:45 Reset action phase enhanced

The reset action phase now enables you to redo your discard phase as well as your action phase. You must redo both even if you did not want to.
No longer blame yourself for discarding a tactics you first thought useless.... Or smash your damn ... Read more

Jan 6 2011 15:13 No longer remain stuck in games

After 15 days where nothing occurs on a game, you have the opportunity to either delete the game or force the player you're waiting for to quit.
These options are available in the PLAY menu.

Credits : Through The Ages is a boardgame designed by Vlaada Chvátil and published by Czech Board Games, Czech Games Edition, Eagle Games, HomoLudicus, IELLO, MINDOK, Pegasus Spiele,, Wargames Club Publishing and Wydawnictwo Portal. BGO expansion set designed by Nicolas d'Halluin.